Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Phonic Games For Children

1.  Sound Jump
Aim :  grapheme identification
Equipment :  grapheme cards - one for each child
Game :

  • Children sit in circle, give every child a card which is placed on the floor in front of them.
  • Each child identifies their phoneme(sound), with help from others if necessary.
  • Teacher calls out a phoneme and the child with corresponding grapheme(letter) jumps up quickly.
  • Meanwhile the rest of the class has to try to point to that grapheme before its owner has jumped up !

2.  Box of sounds
Aim :  grapheme and initial sound identification
Equipment:  grapheme cards - one for each child, objects with initial sounds to match cards.
Game :
  • Children sit in circle.
  • Look at the objects and identify initial sounds.  Place objects in center of circle.
  • Pass a box grapheme cards around the circle singing, "Pass the sound bag, pass it round, pass it round,pass it round, pass the sound bag, pass it round, where will it stop ?".( Tune: London Bridge Is Falling Down )
  • Child holding box at the end of the song takes out the top card, identifies sound and places it next to corresponding object.
3.  Who Can Cross The River ?
Aim:  grapheme identification and cvc blending
Equipment:  white board and marker pens
Game :  
  • Draw a river across the board.  Write 3 letters at the top ( ones which make up a cvc word ).
  • Draw a crocodile in the river and a child's name next to the cvc word.
  • Sing "Who can cross the river, who can cross the river, who can cross the river and reached the other side?"
  • Child has to identify sounds and blend to make the cvc word.
  • When child is successful, then sing, "......... has crossed the river and ............ reached the other side".  Write child's name on other side of river.
  • ALTERNATIVE VERSION :  Lay out 2 ropes to represent river.  Place 3 carpet squares as stepping stones across the river, place 3 grapheme cards - one on each carpet square.
  • Child sounds out the phonemes as s/he steps across the river, then blends the sounds together to hear the word.

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